Management & Organization
The organization is the vehicle to realise the objectives of the company. An effective translation towards the design or changes in processes and structure is essential. The processes and structure have to be reviewed and monitored continually in order to meet changing standards and maintain their effectiveness in changing (market) circumstances, looking at the development phase of the organization and the needs of the people who will apply and use them. To make and keep the people and the organization effective, that is the main focus of Profound IDEA. The relevancy, the quality and the value of the people and a practical implementation are key in this respect. Key areas of expertise: Organizational Design and Development, Restructuring and reorganization, Organizational Climate & Culture, Governance modelling & processes and Change Management.

Human Resources
People are key and critical assets to realize the company’s ambitions. The availability and effective use of talent and skilled professionals to support the performance of the company is key. Human Resources is all about attracting, engaging, and retaining the right people, providing opportunities for development and a roadmap growth and performance. Profound IDEA offers the full range of HR functionalities for organizations and is able to translate the strategic objectives into an effective HR policy and practice: HR process assessment, Job profiling, Compensation, HR auditing & due dilligence, Performance Management and Development.