Development is a key process within any organization. Development is focusses on improving commitment and performance of peope and teams within the organization by offering the right tools for the right situation on the right moment.

The word “development” reflects “movement”: positive and future oriented performance improvement. Developement therefore starts with creating clarity on that future: what are the ambtions, the (strategic`) objectives of the company and what is required in order to realize them?

Looking at that future, it is key to determine the required  knowledge, skills, expertise, attitude and competencies that will drive and retain the current and future success. Based on the design of requirements, a gap-analysis will clarify the current state versus the “new world”.

The result: a clear road-map for change, growth and future success. The compulsory change- and development actions may apply on the whole organization, parts of the organization, specific temas, (senior) management or individual contributors.

Profound IDEA facilitates this process for and together with you in a highly effective way according to high quality standards, by offering and implementing state of the art instrumentation. The interventions are always tailor-made for your company and specific situation and may differ from (management) team sessions, towards teambuilding events, group training courses, the design and implementation of competency management and individual coaching and councelling.

The right focus on development will unlock, develop and apply the (hidden) talent of the organization. It will be a differentiating and therefore key competitive advantage compared to others.